Customer Support is a well rounded series of customer oriented services to help customers in creating correct and cost effective utilization of a given product. It comprises of assistance in designing, planning, deployment, training, troubleshooting, repair, upgrading, and disposal of an outdated or otherwise defective product. This helps the company as it helps the customer in getting the product at the best available price. There are several such Customer Support services available in the market with many specializing in different segments of products. A Customer Support service provider should be able to provide all the required assistance at the most affordable prices as well.

However, the greatest asset of any business organization is its great customer service. Customer Support involves interactions between a customer and a company. It helps resolve technical issues and queries, and prevents the unnecessary usage of resources. Customer Support services are an essential part of every business organization as it helps in creating customer loyalty and providing excellent customer service.

These Customer Support services often used interchangeably and Customer Support solutions are important to organizations that aim to maintain their relationships with customers. Customer Support consists of the following segments: Customer Support Software, Customer Support Services, Customer Support Planning, Customer Support Techniques, Customer Support Methods, and Customer Support Techniques. Customer Support Software are programs/ software implemented by Customer Support Service Providers that enhances the level of customer support services provided by them by automating most of the processes involved. These Customer Support Software’s are commonly used in order to provide Customer Support services and often used together with Customer Support Planning. Customer Support Software’s help Customer Support Service Providers to provide personalized customer experience.

The Customer Support Planning consists of several activities like planning & preparation, developing a strategy for the future needs, organizing the resources, and making the first response. The planning & preparation activities includes deciding on the type of customer support services that we are going to provide, creating a target group of customers, defining the methods of providing customer support, planning the methods of providing support, organizing the resources, and developing a plan for the first response. The type of services that we provide may vary from one customer to another. For instance, some customers may require online support whereas some customers may require phone support. In case of phone support, the phone support may be done using automated systems while some customers may not be able to understand the messages sent through email.

There is no universal standard for measuring customer support quality. It varies from one customer to the other customer as well as organization to organization. Customer Support Measurement is vital because it enables you to see whether the customer support service that you are offering your customers are meeting their needs or not. Customer Support Measurement should therefore be customized according to each organization’s unique set of requirements so that the measurement would be accurate and would give an exact idea about the customer satisfaction.

Customer Support Measurement is a very important tool used for identifying and measuring the quality of customer service that you are providing. It enables you to get information regarding the satisfaction level of your customers and the problems that they are facing. If you are not providing good customer support then you would not be able to gain an insight into these issues and problems. Therefore, it is very essential to keep your customers satisfied. It is also essential for measuring the success of customer support and customer satisfaction.