What are the main goals of prospecting for sales? Successful sales reps prospect by meeting with potential clients, this is usually done in various ways. Qualify the prospect by personalizing the prospect as an individual. Position the product as the solution to their particular problem.

The first step in each prospecting process is to identify and qualify potential customers. Once qualified, they are then placed in a prospecting phase. During this stage sales professionals use several methods to qualify prospects. These methods include qualifying the prospect with questions; getting information about the prospect from their past; qualifying the prospect by personalizing the message; and qualifying the prospect out of many prospecting lists by placing them in a free offer database.

In order to qualify prospects in the free offer database, sales people insert a personal message into their emails. These emails are sent to people who have opted-in to receive emails from the company. Prospecting emails use a wide variety of techniques to obtain personal information from the prospect. Sales emails may include:

Most of these emails follow a predictable pattern, but the one key factor that makes most of these emails successful is using an account-based strategy. Using an account-based strategy means that the emails are sent only to people who have an email address in the database. Without using an account-based strategy, the marketing team would spend days requesting addresses from every person in the company’s database. Most businesses that use email marketing are successful because they have an opt-in list. The majority of prospects will give permission for emails to be sent to their home address or work address.

A successful email prospecting campaign will require the prospect to provide contact information. The person will then be asked for their name and email address. This allows the marketer to follow up with prospects on a moment’s notice by sending them news about the products and services that they are offering. Many marketers use the ability of creating a link shortener to direct a prospect to more information about their offers. Following up with a prospect on a moment’s notice is crucial, as it enables marketers to capture valuable information from prospects.

The above examples of email prospecting are just a few of the tactics used by marketers to attract qualified leads. Although many techniques have been used successfully for years, the use of personalized messages and account-based lead generation strategies is a relatively new tactic. These strategies make it easy for marketers to stay in touch with prospects, and they make it easy for prospects to remember who is contacting them. With the assistance of professionals, the overall process of prospecting can become as painless as possible.