Consumer Electronics Shows (CES) are one of the world’s leading events that showcase the newest technology and products available to consumers. Conducted annually by the Consumer Technology Association in January in Las Vegas, Nevada, the prestigious event usually hosts major presentations of technologies and products from the consumer electronics business. An entire week is dedicated to this yearly event with all focus placed on new electronic products and new advances in technology. A typical show will have keynote speakers talk about their latest products and technologies as well as special product demonstrations.

Most consumer electronics trade shows center around a single theme, such as health or entertainment. However, there are some events that do choose different themes to keep the consumer’s interest. The most popular theme used at trade shows is electronic gadgets, particularly mobile electronics. At these shows you will find people displaying mobile phones, PDAs, laptops, media players and various other items that can be plugged into a wall socket.

The list of the top 10 consumer technology shows doesn’t start and end at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Besides electronics, there are hundreds of other items on display at these shows. These include consumer electronics that are not necessarily electrical, such as baby toys. A popular trade show for baby goods is the CEA World, which takes place in Chicago, Illinois.

Not only are the exhibits on display at consumer electronics shows a display of technological advances, but also ways to use those advances. Many companies host training sessions at these events to help educate attendees on the latest products and ways to maximize the consumer product. Other companies provide technical support at trade show venues, allowing potential customers to contact the company with any questions they may have after listening to an informative session. Another highlight of these shows for exhibitors is the opportunity to meet others in the business who have an interest in helping your business succeed.

Another way to boost your business at consumer electronics shows is to increase attendance at social media networking events. The biggest consumer shows, like the Consumer Electronics Association show in Las Vegas, attract a huge crowd of attendees. Because of this, many hotels are booked solid months in advance. And even at these events, booth sales are often up during the second weekend and beyond, because attendees from previous shows are still trying to get their tents set up. By setting up a social media account in advance of your booth visit and engaging in regular communication through social media, you can draw in more attendees to your exhibits.

Attendee participation in trade shows is a lot more than just a ticket or registration fee. The quality of the experience can depend on how much effort the exhibitor puts into meeting the needs of the attending public. By soliciting questions and interacting with the attendees, you can improve your pitch about the company. This interactive component of the trade show allows you to connect directly with potential customers. If you have something cool to show at your booth, it’s possible that some attendees will bring it home with them and tell someone else who may be interested in your company.