Exhibiting audiovisual displays (AV) has been used for years by trade show organizers to draw visitors to their exhibits. However, a surprising number of business owners don’t know much about this tool. A well-designed and carefully applied display can draw even the most seasoned convention goers to your booth! In fact, the potential impact of a well-designed display is far greater than the sum of its parts. Using av graphics correctly will not only draw new customers to your exhibit, it can also dramatically improve the chances of attracting existing customers as well.

So what can you do to attract more attention to your AV displays at trade shows? Incorporating audiovisual technologies (AV) into your exhibit stand will transform the appearance of your display, increase impact on your brand message, drive more foot traffic to your exhibit, and bring interested attendees to your stand who would not have been there otherwise. However, how you utilize AV at your trade show booths can make all the difference in the world.

To begin with, it’s important to be aware that many exhibitors at tradeshows fail to realize that what they see on the displays is far more than what they initially assume. A well-designed exhibition marketing system will draw and retain audiences who were not even looking at your exhibit stand at all. This is because AV systems have the potential to change the way that people perceive and think about an exhibit stand, as well as the company that displays there.

With the potential to alter the way that a visitor views an exhibition stand, AV technology is becoming increasingly popular for use at tradeshows. This technology allows businesses to take their products and services closer to the hearts and minds of their potential customers. This helps to ensure that they can reach more potential customers at the same time. By doing this, businesses can see a greater return on investment through better sales, more repeat business, and a more loyal following from existing customers.

In addition to offering a more engaging environment for visitors, a properly designed exhibition space can also provide a more convenient location for other activities. Companies who exhibit at trade shows have a dedicated staff that is available to manage the organization of their exhibits. This staff can also help with the distribution of promotional materials and other items that would benefit those attending the trade show. While it may be possible to erect multiple display panels and hire a professional graphic designer to design the layout of the exhibit space, companies often save money by simply making use of the AV technology that is available. Companies that exhibit at tradeshows can easily decrease the costs of renting a venue for their exhibits by purchasing a standard unit of exhibit stand and enclosure.

These standard units of exhibit stand and enclosure are available in a wide variety of sizes to meet the specific needs of each company exhibiting at tradeshows. Many exhibitors choose to exhibit on the weekend only, while other companies exhibit all year long. Businesses that exhibit at events such as tradeshows can choose to purchase one or more of the standard exhibition units that are available. They can then increase their available space as needed without spending additional funds to rent additional exhibit booths. Those companies who exhibit at larger events such as regional product fairs and large national exhibits can take advantage of custom portable display stands that are often available in select areas of the country. These specially designed portable exhibition stands make it easy to set up a successful exhibit at the convention center of the next upcoming event.