In addition to sponsoring a trade show, some companies form a group of exhibitors and sponsors to help the event plan. These groups are often called Exhibitor Advisory Boards (EABs), and they serve as a vital link between exhibitors and sponsors, helping both parties make the most of the show. With the help of the EAB, the event planners and sponsors can create flexible packages and maximize the effectiveness of their sponsorship and exhibitor dollars.

Organizers must consider several factors before selecting a location for a booth, such as traffic flow, access to restrooms, food courts, MyATA Area, and other potential obstacles in the area. Potential neighbors should also be considered, such as competitors or companies that offer complementary products. Additionally, the placement of a booth should be taken into account possible structural columns, and other potential obstructions that may hinder the visibility of a booth. Some exhibitors, on the other hand, may be able to make better use of space and amenities by relocating their booth to a corner, or by utilizing a larger space.

The IHA’s Trade Show Committee provides industry members with unique perspectives on important trade show issues, such as the creation of meaningful opportunities for exhibiting members to engage consumers. Its members include Joe Varano, Glenn Ehrenhaus, and Edmond Aghajanian. Its members focus on implementing programs that allow exhibitors to engage consumers and grow their housewares sales. They are also involved in evaluating the overall health of the industry.

In the post-pandemic world, virtual events may have replaced physical trade shows. However, this option will likely remain, resulting in a shift in priorities and budgets for participants. This shift in priorities requires that trade show operators understand these new realities and adapt to accommodate these shifts in customer preferences. And while virtual events have their advantages, trade show operators must understand how to make the most of them. And while virtual trade shows are temporary solutions during an epidemic, they will likely be here to stay.

The value of trade shows has been debated for years. But in this digital age, we’ve learned that face-to-face human interaction still trumps digital interactions. Video conferencing, webinars, and social media cannot replace the human connection that a trade show can offer. Moreover, it’s essential to have a physical presence to promote a new product or service. That’s why trade shows are so vital to the success of a company.

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